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30+ Years Experience

Stephen Nicholas is an aggressive San Antonio Criminal Defense Attorney with more than 30 years experience who can help you if you have been accused of a crime of any kind. Whether you have been charged with a misdemeanor, a felony or a federal crime, Stephen Nicholas has the knowledge and skills to defend your rights. 

DWI/DUI Defense

Any DWI charge can be challenged, even if you took a breath test or if there was a blood draw. If you have been arrested for DWI or DUI in San Antonio, Bexar Country or one of the surrounding counties, you need a skilled lawyer to immediately review your case and counsel you about the best course of action. Contact Stephen Nicholas today for a FREE evaluation of your DWI case at 210-710-6527.

Even if you are not convicted, a DWI charge can cost you your current job, future employment, driver's license, reputation, social status, and in the event of a conviction, your freedom. You need a DWI lawyer who knows how to navigate the complex legal system. Click here to learn more about DWI arrest procedures in Texas, challenging the breath test and how to choose the right DWI attorney. Click here to read about how a blood draw test may be challenged.


Criminal Defense, State and Federal

If you are being investigated for a crime, or have been arrested or charged with a crime, you need legal representation right away. You should find an experienced criminal lawyer right away because law enforcement, including a Police Department, a Sheriff's office, and one of the Offices of the District Attorney in the surrounding counties will work together to build a case against you and "make the charges stick" and obtain a conviction.

If you are being investigated but have not yet been charged of a crime, it is important to work with a criminal attorney who understands the process and the urgency of filing a criminal complaint BEFORE a criminal charge is filed. And remember the Golden Rules: Say nothing to anybody unless your attorney is present and gives his or her consent. Next: Always ask for a lawyer first, if you are questioned by any representative of law enforcement besides being asked to identify yourself and produce your driver's license. In addition, never consent to a search under any circumstances, either of your person, your property or your vehicle. 

On the street, law enforcement is not your friend, no matter how it may appear at first. If you are pulled over, you are a suspect. Protect yourself by standing on your constitutional rights; the right to remain silent, and the right against unreasonable searches and seizures.

If you have been charged with a misdemeanor, felony or federal crime, Stephen Nicholas knows how to deeply evaluate all of the facts, including police reports, witness reports and the procedures that were followed by law enforcement to obtain and examine the evidence against you. As a former Criminal Investigator and later a Criminal Prosecutor, he thoroughly understands the process that law enforcement uses to build a criminal case and will use that knowledge to best defend the charges you are facing. 

Whether you are being investigated for a crime, or facing criminal charges, Stephen Nicholas knows how to achieve the best possible outcome in your situation. He has defended thousands of clients facing all types of criminal charges such as Drug Possession, DWI, White Collar Crimes, Internet Crimes, Aggravated Robbery, Theft of all levels, Juvenile Crimes, Sex Crimes including Rape, Sexual Assault, Child Pornography, Solicitation of a Minor and many other types of charges. 

Call Stephen Nicholas today for a FREE consultation about your case, 210-710-6527.

Trial Experience, State and Federal

With extensive trial experience acquired over his more than 31 year career in San Antonio, Stephen Nicholas is meticulous in keeping up with the changes in the law and is capable and prepared to battle for you and fight for your rights and freedom. Stephen Nicholas has tried hundreds of cases in court during his long career as a criminal lawyer. Many of his clients have faced charges that, if convicted, would jeopardize their freedom, assets, reputation, social status, employment and even their lives.

He has defended clients in court against the most serious criminal charges, including Capital Murder. Selecting the right criminal lawyer to defend your freedom is one of the most important decisions a person can make. Stephen Nicholas is a criminal defense lawyer with experience in the courtroom and he can provide the best representation possible to defend the charges against you.

Expunction and Orders of Non-Disclosure

Once you are charge with a crime, the history of the charge stays on your record whether you are found guilty, not guilty, or even if the case was dismissed. Stephen Nicholas has a great deal of experience seeking to have those records expunged or ordered non-disclosed (also known as "sealing the record"). If a past criminal charge appears on your record and is causing you difficulty finding employment, changing jobs, furthering your educating, or seeking public office, contact Stephen Nicholas to find out if you are eligible for an order of expunction or nondisclosure, or in other words, to have your record sealed. Stephen Nicholas has handled hundreds of cases where records were successfully expunged or ordered non-disclosed. A successful expunction means the person can deny that they have ever been arrested.

Bail Bond Services

Stephen Nicholas offers bail bond services much lower than those of commercial bail bond companies. In the right situation, an attorney providing the bond for a client assists in the client paying the attorney. Don't give your money to a bail bondsman, then have to go spend thousands more for the attorney. Stephen Nicholas takes into consideration the payment on the bond for a client, when determining the cost for representation.


Family Law 

Also having experience in Family Law, Stephen Nicholas can help if you are facing a divorce. Whether it’s a simple Divorce or a complicated Custody Case, he provides experienced and accurate representation to achieve the best possible result for you.